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Monday, August 3rd, 2009...1:50 pm

Dude, Killer Tan

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer department, recently announced UV-emitting tanning devices including all tanning beds and tanning booths as “carcinogenic to humans.” In fact, according to the IARC research, “the risk of cutaneous melanoma is increased by 75% when the use of tanning devices starts before age 30.”

You can read their short press release on their website here or their more thorough findings released through The Lancet. This leaves little wiggle room for the tanning industry insiders still spinning the deadly truth about traditional tanning equipment’s cancer causing potential – that it is as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.

Our Bahama Body Airbrush Tanning products don’t get much attention on this blog, but they probably should. As many of you already know, airbrush tanning is a great service with or without tats, and with this recent news, demand should be even more rapidly on the upswing. If I were in the airbrush tattoo business, I might be tempted to spend a few minutes googling around looking for some great quotes to leverage for my business.

Here’s some starters in addition to those above:

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